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  • Category Product - SS Plate Settlers
  • SS Plate Settlers
  • IAA environmental parallel plate settlers can greatly increase the effective surface area of the existing clarifiers and sedimentation basins at water treatment facilities. New tanks can be greatly reduced in size when designed to include plate settlers as well. This is because suspended solids removal in gravity separators and clarifiers depends primarily on the surface area for settling and the multiple parallel plates provide a large surface area in a small space.

    Plate Settler Design
    - Complete 304 stainless steel construction
    - increase throughput and capacity
    - Reduces solid loading on final filtration processes

    More Stable Hydrolic flow, Which improves settlinh by up to 30%
    - Variably sized influent flow distributors promote better laminar flow across the face of the plates
    - Effluent is collected uniformly at the top of the plates through orifices, unlike inferior fill-width slot designs
    - Patent pending design

    Ease of maintenance, improved operator capabilities
    - significantly more open space at top of plates
    - Easy to see and clean the faces of the plates without draining the tank
    - Individual plate sections can be easily removed
    - Operators can walk on the top of the plate sections, even during operation
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