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  • Category Product - Water Treatment
  • Media Filtration & Bag filter
  • Media Filtration & Bag filter - Industrial water supply treatment includes several procedures. and generally, technical treatment procedures such as electrodialysis, reversed dialysis and ion exchanging etc, are its main procedures. To ensure these main procedures carried through safely, highly efficiently and economically, the original water shall be treated in order to obtain the quality targets of incoming water allowed for water treatment equipments.

    in engineesinr, we always call water purification, prophase softening or confection as water quality prophese treatment, in short, prophase treatment. objects of prophase treatment are harmful substance to subsequent treatment equipments such as mechanical impurities of suspended materials, viscous and glue particles etc, as well as coloids, silicon dioxidies, microorganism, organic substances and activated chlorines etc.

    the effect of prophase treatment directly affects technical and economic effetct and long-term safe operation of main procedures such as electrodialysis and ion exchanging etc, and it is an important interlink in industrial water supply treatment.
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