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  • Category Product - Water Treatment
  • Ion Exchanger
  • Ion exchanger is a water treatment method that adopt ion exchange agent to make exchangeable ions between exchange agent and water liquor occur to the reversible exchange of equal substance amount rule to result in improvement of water quality while the structure of ion exchange agent doesn't be substantially changed.

    Ion exchanger technology is widely use in the water treatment field such as softening of water quality, desalting of water quality and manufacture and acquisition of high pure water; it is also used in food, de-color and purification of drug, heavy metal and reclaiming of chemical industry material. ion three sorts exchanger has negative and positive bed, mix bed and regeneration bed; negative bed and positive bed adopt advanced regeneration technics of adeverse current; mix bed has technics of inner column regeneration and negative resin move to outside regeneration; regeneration bed is specially collocated for operation technics of mix bed that negative resin is outward move. we also design and manufacture other sorts of ion exchanger equipment.
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